When thinking about Search Engine Optimization we often think about keyword research, creating relevant content, linking, and site architecture. There's a lot more to SEO than these, but they are the basics and a foundation for SEO.

One thing often overlooked, however, is getting active in social media.

That's right--Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, ActiveRain. There are plenty more social outlets, but these are four that are well known.

So how can actively participating in social media help with SEO? There are actually several ways.

First, there's the simple idea of getting the word out about your website or a particular web page. Not only are you lending to your overall branding, but you're spreading the word that your website is an active one. You're helping drive traffic from various sources.

The more you participate, the more opportunity you give others to scoop up links to your website and post them on their own website. This could certainly give you some quality back links (links pointing to your website from others). Quality back links are an important factor in search engine algorithms.

We're starting to see evidence that search engines may be using social media metrics in some form within their ranking algorithms. It makes sense, really.

Let's say I write a quality article or blog post and send a tweet about it with a link included. My Twitter followers then begin to re-tweet it, their followers begin to re-tweet it, and so on. You see where I'm headed? If it's important for others to re-tweet the engines may see that as a sign that the article is of some authority.

You can see how in just a few short minutes I've given some examples social media lending to your SEO efforts. So go ahead, get social for SEO.